Strengthen sustainability competences in the field of fishery and aquaculture.

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Green to Blue Project

The Blue Economy is the European Union’s long-term strategy to support sustainable growth in the marine and maritime sector. Environmental sustainability as well as marine environmental awareness and education in the fisheries and aquaculture sector are important components for the long-term survival of the Blue Economy in the Mediterranean sea. In order to achieve blue growth in Europe, highly qualified and skilled professionals are needed.

The Green to Blue project improve the environmental management system and develop technical skills strongly centered on the sustainability of activities related to the sea, by providing an effective and functional training program to sector workers and sector stakeholders.

Priorities & Outcomes

The Green to Blue project allows the introduction of environmental technical skills in the fisheries and aquaculture sector, through the production and implementation of a flexible and adaptable training content for fishermen and fish farmers.

It aims to orient adults working in the maritime sector towards a sustainable use of marine resources, in particular through awareness of all the actors around the concept of “preservation of the sea”, to generate a new figure of “sentinel of the sea” of fisherman and fish farmer, and to generate a model of a strategic evolution of policies dedicated to the preservation of the seas to be replicated throughout Europe.


Fishery and

aquaculture operators

Research centers and

European networks

Trainers, tutors, representatives

and trade unions

Project Results

Green to Blue Skills Framework

The Green to Blue skills framework aims to identify the skills needed by marine professionals within the framework of the integration of the green and blue economy within the fishing and aquaculture sector.

Green to Blue Training Program

The Green to Blue training program aims to help train adults, marine operators, and future “mentors” to strengthen their skills through the development of personalized and flexible content to raise awareness of environmental issues.

Green to Blue Manual & Policy Indications

The Green to Blue Manual & Policy Indications aims to provide access to 2 tools, namely: a system of validation/certification of skills, and policy indications on the importance of the role of fishermen and fish farmers for sustainable development in Europe.


Coordinator - France "Petra Patrimonia Corsica (PPC) is a cooperative created in 2013 to promote and assist entrepreneurship and to contribute to territorial cohesion having branch offices both in Regions designed as “less developed” (Corsica, Guadeloupe, Guyane) and in Regions designed as “more developed” (PACA). PPC is also recognised as training center; it develops innovative training materials and provides a wide range business support to people (also unemployed ones) willing to create an economic activity and willing to explore opportunities related to sustainable development as well as to emerge market sectors. PPC is divided in 4 main departments: Maritima aiming to the valorization, conservation and revitalization of maritime heritage, such as assisting fishermen developing complementary activities and to support and accompany maritime & marine project holders (entrepreneurs) in diversifying their traditional activities, notably pescatourism. Petrafolia aiming to promote innovation in the agriculture sector Petra Patrimonia aiming to the valorization, conservation and revitalization of heritage, landscape and environment Petra Patrimonia Jeunesse aiming to provide opportunities for youth to be involved in the management of cooperatives."



On 11 March 2022, the Green to Blue Project held its kick-off meeting online. Seven partner organisations attended the meeting from 6 European countries.


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